Impatiens capensis – Or Spotted Touch-me-not

Also known as Jewelweed or Pale Touch-me-not

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Impatiens capensis, also known as Jewel-weed or Spotted Touch-Me-Not, is the subject of a botanical plate I put together in lieu of providing a herbarium. Which was something I had already completed in my field botany course at the University of Arizona.

However, this is no traditional hand drawn illustration of a flower’s key identification features. Instead, this is a photo created through “scanography”, or by using a flatbed document scanner to scan flowers.

It’s not as simple as it sounds, but the results are good. Modern scanners are capable of incredibly high resolution scans and, aesthetically, I found that I liked the very low (less than ½ inch) depth of field it provides.

Possibly I will continue with working on flowers in this vein, but the truth is I am more excited about finishing my 2014 Pasture to Plate calendar. That, and I have a fantasy/sci fi characters card deck to finalize and send to the printers. Not to mention that novel I am supposed to start writing tomorrow

Sadly I could not capture their amazingly explosive seeds using scanography. Check out this video!


21. October 2013 by Colin Peacock
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Pasture to Plate 2013 Farm Calendar!

This is a preview of the 2013 Pasture to Plate Calendar I shot and designed in collaboration with Margiana Petersen-Rockney. Please take a look at the photos, read the blurb, and if you like what you are seeing then do order a calendar (or two!) to support this awesome burgeoning non-profit!

Cheers, -Colin Peacock

“Hello All!


This summer on Rosasharn farm we made a beautiful calendar with photos of the lady farmers with the produce in the fields. These are tasteful and elegant calendars that make great gifts! Please pass this information along!!!

Order Pasture To Plate’s beautiful 2013 calendar today! They make fantastic holiday gifts and support local sustainable agriculture. Shot by Colin Peacock, the 2013 Pasture To Plate calendar features tastefully elegant photographs of seasonal farm produce highlighted by the modest bodies of the talented woman who have been involved with Rosasharn Farm CSA, a 100% woman-operated farm. Each month’s photo has an accompanying seasonal Pasture To Plate original recipe created by myself based on my experiences cooking on the farm, at Chez Panisse restaurant, and at our pilot series of farm dinner events.

The calendars are $15 each and all proceeds support Pasture To Plate (read about us below!). These calendars make great holiday gifts! Visit to order securely through PayPal. We will ship them directly to you promptly.

Margiana Petersen-Rockney

Pasture To Plate Director

(401) 330. 7153

More about Rosasharn and Pasture To Plate:

For the past four years I have developed and managed a five-acre farm and educational internship program, Rosasharn Farm CSA. I have experienced the economic challenges of operating a sustainable farm and am inspired to develop Pasture To Plate as program to help small, and especially beginning farms, be financially viable.

With your help, along with support from the Wild Gift Pasture To Plate will create a certified mobile kitchen by June, 2013. In the first year Pasture to Plate will focus on offering events, such as farm dinners in the fields and cooking and butchery workshops at host farms that connect eaters to their local, ecologically sustainable farms. Pasture To Plate will provide small farmers an organizational model and mobile certified space to add value to their diverse raw products, knowledge, services, and farm spaces, boost profits, and grow a stronger community. Visit our website to sign up for our newsletter:”















Photography notes:


Shot with a Nikon D7000 with Nikon 50 mm 1.8D at Rosasharn Farm in Rehoboth, MA. We took two days during the summer to make the calendar and shot between the hours of 6am and 12pm. One day was exceptionally sunny and full of harsh contrast and the other was a very dark and cool grey day. No tripod natural light with gold reflector for almost all shots, except mushrooms which I regretfully lit with a tripod, incandescent floodlight, and some sheets! This was my first time doing nude and calendar photography, and overall I am happy with things but still very committed to improving the quality of my photography. Thanks to Margiana and all the people who made this fun and amazing shoot possible!


© Colin Peacock 2012

27. November 2012 by Colin
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Painting with Pomodoro!

Today I took a walk to freshpond to capture some of the early fall foliage and experiment with a new productivity system called the Pomodoro Technique. Essentially it’s breaking tasks into 25 minute increments and then taking 5-15 minute breaks in between tasks to take breaks and keep yourself from getting overworked. I must say I think it worked excellently.. Back when I was at Clark I often would spend an hour or two on a single image!!! But using this technique I spent about 15-20 minutes per image and am pretty pleased with my development in the painterly technique world of digital art.



Link to nice online Pomodoro timer. Link to excellent windows based Pomodoro timer.

18. September 2012 by Colin
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Wolfman Panorama

12. September 2012 by Colin
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Escalante – Day Four

Click photo and then click next to proceed through the gallery.


12. September 2012 by Colin
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Walking home from Lunch


Walking home with lunch from Dena I took a few photos for the first time since coming back from Oregon. I tried a combination of techniques on this image to help with a future project (Dena’s Idea!) where I recreate famous environmental paintings that influenced the creation of national parks using current photos. I cannot say I am pleased with the result quite yet (the blues especially bother me), but I cannot make myself work on it anymore at this time. In the future I think I shall make it a more subtle painterly effect and use several photos to keep those realistic details in while still capturing the sublime effect of the classic paintings of American Parks.

11. September 2012 by Colin
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Welcome to the new site

Welcome to Colin Peacock’s Blog and Photo Portfolio. Just relaunched the site after it got horribly corrupted. Will fix it by the end of the month!

20. August 2012 by Colin Peacock
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Nonprofit Portfolio

In this slideshow you will find examples of my work with nonprofits in Massachusetts, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, and Ecuador.

Click any image to view larger, and then click the right and left arrows to navigate the album.

20. August 2012 by Colin Peacock
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Worcester – 2011

17. August 2012 by Colin
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Sunset in Montauk

Sunset at Inlet Seafood

13. August 2012 by Colin
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